"People think dreams aren’t real just because they aren’t made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes."
Neil Gaiman (via lordspock)
Mockingjay Part 1 Score to be released November 24th, 2014.
Mockingjay Part 1 Score to be released November 24th, 2014.


James Newton Howard is the score composer for this upcoming score soundtrack for The Hunger Games Score: Mockingjay Part 1. Howard haspreviously been the score composer for The Hunger Games: Original Motion Picture Score and The Hunger Games Catching Fire: Original…

Answering Questions about My Books


Hi! For those of you who are now around these parts, there are tumblrs devoted entirely to answering readers’ questions about my books. But they contain spoilers, so only go there if you’ve finished the books! The tumblrs:

Only if You Finished TFIOS

Only if You Finished Alaska

Only if You Finished Paper Towns

Only if You Finished Katherines

Only if You Finished WGWG

If there’s a question I haven’t answered, feel free to submit one!


Saoirse Ronan photographed for Vogue US, 2014


This is what good books do - they weave a spell from words written on a page, and, without even realizing, you’re enchanted. And some have the nerve to say magic isn’t real…sure it is, it’s in books.


Fog in the Forest,Tyrebagger by Alan Longmuir. on Flickr.

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harry and hermione’s relationship is so important because it shows that two characters can love each other deeply but not in a romantic way and there are not enough boy/girl unconditional, innocent friendships like that in books and that is why i am refusing to accept that J.K. wanted them together